Miami Internet Provider of Fiber and Fixed Wireless

Miami Internet Provider of Fiber and Fixed Wireless

We offer Miami Internet fiber and fixed wireless service for business customers who
highly reliable dedicated connections of 10 MB to 10 GB. Our multi network fiber and
fixed wireless Internet services are perfect for any company who needs highly redundant
connections at the best value.
We offer both optical fiber and fixed wireless connections,
so we are able to deliver the best of both telecom worlds.

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Miami Internet Fiber and Fixed Wireless Service

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  • Fast installation time compared to all other methods
  • Highly reliable connections with a 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Truly redundant network by way of multiple backbones
  • Scalable bandwidth lets you increase bandwidth very quickly
  • Low cost last mile, so you get more bandwidth for your money
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of high-speed data, Voice over IP, remote data protection,
    security and other managed solutions, are delivered over one of the industry's most
    scalable last-mile networks. We bypass the local phone company to provide faster
    provisioning intervals, immediate scalability and complete redundancy for our customers.

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